Emotions are significant in energetic balance and spiritual growth.

Emotions are part of our inner, human experience. If you read my previous blog: Acupuncture “Holistic Medicine”, you’ll remember that there are acupuncture points to address and balance: manic joy, grief, sorrow, worry/pensiveness, shock, fear, stress, frustration, anger, etc.

Emotions affect the energetic flow within the body. If you quiet yourself, you’ll be able to sense where an emotion is manifesting in your body. Guess what? This area will have an impact on your energetic flow and if significant, will create an imbalance. Imbalances manifest physically if not corrected within a period of time.

Emotions are incredibly important in our spiritual growth. They have their purpose!

  • Sometimes we’re pre-disposed genetically to feel certain emotions. Have you been able at times to discern between which emotions are yours and which are inherited as an emotional tendency?
  • Genevieve Lewis Paulson states in her book Energy Focused Meditation: “Emotions are the beginning basis for spiritual development since spirit arises from feelings.”
  • Become aware of your emotions without judgement:
    • recognize what you’re feeling
    • validate these feelings as part of being human
    • send love and forgiveness to:
      • yourself
      • the situation
      • others
  • Can you transform the emotion to love? Can you transform the emotion to love, acceptance, and forgiveness?

This is a rich opportunity for inner peace, health, and spiritual growth!