Brain Maker by David Perlmutter

I read a lot of books. When discussing the Paleo diet with my dear friend Beth, she brought up David Perlmutter M.D.  I read Brain Maker because it was the most recently published of Perlmutter’s books in the Cincinnati library’s collection. As harsh critic that gets excited about my books in their onset, I’m often disappointed by the middle and the end. This book is an absolute exception. It delivers!

Chock full of information on your micro biome and it’s direct connection with your optimal brain health, foods that support these beneficial microbes, and so many diseases that this optimization can correct or avoid.

An interesting take on cholesterol and its benefits. (Unrecognized by our medical system.)

Is it any wonder that our impact on our bodies with preserved and processed foods, food choices that act as drugs would on our brain, would be a microcosmic reflection to what is going on in our macrocosm the earth?

But with Perlmutter’s expert outlook we have hope! Eat differently and change your micro biome significantly within as little as 6-7 days. Whao! Awesome!!

Perlmutter’s Grain Brain Cookbook has loads of delicious recipes that I can’t wait to try. You’ll soon be focused on what you can eat instead of what you can’t. You’ll ferment your kimchi in no time, kambuccha, etc.

Our diet is such an important part of our health. And thankfully so!

-Kristin Gundrum B.S., L.Ac., Lic. NCCAOM