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Eat first! Make sure you have something to eat at some point in the day.

Plan for an hour with your acupuncture appointment. Community style sessions run anywhere from 35 min to a little later to accommodate schedules.

Avoid caffeine. Caffeine and theobromine (chocolate) can interfere with your body’s ability to slow down and relax. Relaxation helps the body to accept free flow of qi (energy) which is what acupuncture is all about!

Self assessment: think over any previous injuries, supplements, medications, recent diet and physical activity. These are all variables in your life that influence the current state of your system.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Especially for community style it is important that sleeves can be pulled up comfortably past your elbows and pant legs past your knees. These are the areas where acupuncture needles will be inserted.

Silence your cell phone. For obvious reasons, your body needs to be able to relax. Dings and rings can not only disturb your relaxation, but others as well.

Know what you’d like improvement with 🙂 Your acupuncturist can bring about general balance to your system. To make greater use of your treatment time, it’s best to know ahead what your top three concerns are. The more concise you can give your practitioner information, the better served you will be with your treatment time still available.

Elimination and hydration: acupuncture has a couple of side effects that are widespread. Namely, relaxation and the need to urinate afterward. It sounds funny, but it’s true! Make sure you

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