Holiday hours adjusted based on years past:

More evening hours added prior to the holidays and fewer hours are available directly around the holidays. This is to honor the need to get in for treatment with busy schedules (before traveling or preparing for celebrations). Hopefully this serves you well!

Covid masks still required for acupuncture treatment, (vaccinated or not; as recommended by the CDC). Taking the utmost care and precaution is a kindness to others and masks are certainly not an excessive use of caution…

  1. viruses mutate, (it’s their survival mechanism)
  2. it is now common knowledge (vs. at the pandemic onset) how airborne viruses spread from host to host
  3. you can reduce the aerosol of your own exhaust into the air, (provided that your mask covers your nose and mouth)
  4. with the cooler weather and the need to stay warm indoors, the rate of transmission is higher for airborne transmitted viruses (any variant of Covid, flu, colds, etc.)
  5. therefore; as long as you are indoors and breathing, “put a mask on it”