Kristin Gundrum L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist

Licensed in Ohio

since 2008

Nationally Certified by NCCAOM

Hi! I’m the owner and acupuncturist at Tiny Needle Cmty. Acu.

I was drawn to acupuncture with an inherent respect for Asian cultures. I had some exposure to the fact that acupuncture was an available form of  medicine in my youth. I never really knew that I had a use for this therapy until my 20’s. I have always wanted natural health… I was a long distance runner and had always been conscious about what types of food that I put into my body.

Like most mid-Westerners, I had very little understanding of acupuncture. One day I decided to try it! I looked up my practitioner in the Yellow Pages and drug my mom along with me! I chose a Chinese acupuncturist that still practices currently in our area. (He was wonderful!) I had a mental shift after that treatment… It was like the mental chatter became silent. This fueled my curiosity as to what acupuncture could do.

My acupuncturist spoke broken English. He was quite courteous… I had a new question with each visit and he obliged. I got my hands on everything that I could read about acupuncture. (I love to read!) Soon, I was inquiring as to whether I could go to acupuncture school and entertained a career in the field.

When I sat in on an auricular acupuncture lecture at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, I was hooked! The professor spoke with me on break and we talked at length. She was so encouraging!

Soon, I was selling my place and moving to Columbus, OH to study. These were three wonderful years! Then I had the opportunity to fulfill part of my internship in 2 Beijing hospitals. (Oh, and I love to travel!)

My interest in acupuncture, like so many acupuncturists that I know, is unquenchable. There is always more to learn and experience. In addition, I love being able to make acupuncture affordable! This has been a passion of mine from the start.

My clients are some of the best people! My work is so enjoyable… what an incredible journey! Come and be a part of our acupuncture community : )


Acupuncture Licensure
2005-2008 American Institute of Alternative Medicine

Bachelor of Science / Biology
1993-1998 Northern Kentucky University


2007 Guang An Men Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences
Beijing, China

2007 Beijing Hospital of Integrated Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
Beijing, China

Current Acupuncture Practice:

  • Tiny Needle Acupuncture, LLC. (513)400-4170   2011-present
    • Community style and Traditional acupuncture in one location
    • Cincinnati, OH

Previous Acupuncture Practice:

  • St. Elizabeth Holistic Health Center: Edgewood, KY       2008-2013
  • Blooming Lotus Acupuncture Park Hills, KY  2013-2016
  • Twin Towers Senior Living Community “Connection”  College Hill; Cincinnati, OH   2015-2018

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