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Tiny Needle Community Acupuncture, LLC.

Community Acupuncture Practices are uniform in the following ways:

  1. Many people in one treatment room.
  2. Sliding scale fee structure. This affords even those who are struggling access to acupuncture. Please honestly pay the rate you can afford. It is the community whole that makes this system possible.
  3. Needles only. (This is a modified and abbreviated form of treatment).
  4. Distal acupuncture points in the hands, feet, and head to treat problems anywhere in the body — meaning we will probably treat pain in your back by placing tiny needles in your hands, or your ears!

Tiny Needle Community Acupuncture provides high quality acupuncture treatment at affordable rates in a supportive community setting. Research in the U.S. (as well as thousands of years of tradition in Asia), has shown that acupuncture is most effective when done frequently and regularly — once a week is usually the minimum required to make progress on any kind of health problem. The purpose of our sliding scale is to separate the issues of money and treatment; we want you to come in often enough to really get better and stay better!

Typical Frequency of Acupuncture Treatments Needed:

Pain Level/ Intensity of Chief Complaint

# of Acupuncture Sessions per Week

6/10 to 10/10

2 to 3

3/10 to 5/10

1 to 2

1/10 to 2/10


What is the craze about community acupuncture?

It’s spreading throughout the U.S.! Beginning in Portland, Oregon; community acupuncture is spreading through the nation. Practitioners want their patients to be able to afford to get well and stay well with acupuncture. Patients are so passionate about having community acupuncture available that they are our strongest advertisements!

The community model:

Community style acupuncture is conducted in an open room facility. There are several patients in one room receiving treatment at the same time. This large group delivers a wonderful energy of healing and allows for sliding scale prices that  provide affordable acupuncture rates and frequent acupuncture care.

Patients progress better in the long run with regular and frequent acupuncture treatments. You no longer have to go out to the West coast to receive affordable acupuncture healthcare.

Our clinic does not receive grants, state or federal money, or insurance reimbursement. It exists because people pay for their treatments, and tell other people about us. It is a sustainable, community business model.

“The  healthcare system (in America) … apart from acupuncture… is both unsustainable and inequitable. Its costs are growing at a staggering rate, as are the numbers of uninsured or underinsured. If American health care were a patient, it would be suffering from a systemic infection of greed and bureaucracy. Its prognosis is not good.”  Lisa Rohleder L.Ac. The Remedy 2006.

Tiny Needle Community Acupuncture, LLC. has been created in an effort to be a part of the solution! Cheers to our affordable, equitable, sustainable health! Serving the Greater Cincinnati community in a community setting.
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