We’re able to offer:

Full service “traditional” acupuncture. Many people choose traditional acupuncture because they need more extensive care, a private treatment room, and have insurance coverage for acupuncture.


Community style acupuncture services on a sliding scale. (Read “about community style”.) You pay what you feel is affordable: $20/$30/$45. New patient appointments vary from $40/$50/$65. Many people choose community style based on affordability when paying independently for their medical care.

Booking & Payment:

Our treatments are by appointment only. 

click here to book an appointment.

Your payment can be made in one of the following ways:

  • online (clicking on the payment prompt after booking your appointment):
    • using your paypal account
    • with any major credit card
  • Community style payments can be made by:
    • exact cash in the dropbox
    • check made out to “Tiny Needle Community Acupuncture, LLC.”via dropbox

Transportation & Parking: 

We have paid parking in our area. However, you may also arrive via the bus line. Options are:

  • metered parking along all converging streets
    • 50 cents per 1 hour maximum
    • (acupuncture treatments range from 40 min. – 60 min.)
    • OR you can drive beyond the square for a free space and walk
  • paid parking at the parking island in Mt. Lookout Square
    • pay at the blue kiosk
    • place the receipt on your dashboard
  • Bus line: Metro Route 24

Treatment Guidelines:

After an acupuncture treatment, you want to make sure to adhere to three rules of thumb:

1. drink plenty of room temperature water through the day

2. do not physically exhaust yourself that day

3. no massage for 24 hours.

Frequency of Treatments Needed:

Your acupuncturist will discuss your individual “plan of care” in your initial consultation session. The best course of action is to schedule out all of these sessions in advance.

If you have not already scheduled all your appointments for your plan of care…  be sure to return for a treatment as soon as your results begin to wear off. This is an indication that your body is not holding the balanced energy flow yet. Keep coming in and we’ll keep teaching your body how to maintain that balance! The relief will last longer as your care continues.

What To Expect In Community Style Treatment Protocol:

When you quietly enter our facility, please locate a recliner to kick back and slip off your shoes and socks. A personal storage bin is placed to the right of your chair for any loose items you may have. We have coat hangers on the wall next to each chair. Please have your sleeves and pant legs pulled up past your elbows and knees respectively. Recline all the way back in your chair & get comfortable!

The acupuncturist will be around to administer your treatment. (Please whisper quietly for any communications.) Once your needles are administered, bring your attention to the smoothness of your breath in your lower abdomen for a breating meditation. You can remain here comfortably with needles in for 20-25 minutes. If you feel like drifting off to sleep, please do! Your acupuncturist will keep time for your session. When your session is over, your needles will be removed to wrap up your session.

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