Here’s what to expect when you’re interested in receiving acupuncture therapy:

An intake form (found under “documents” on our menu) will take the acupuncturist through all that you would like help with in your care. Meeting with the acupuncturist in your initial appointment will entail going over the information given and in depth questions on the information.

The acupuncturist will describe how she will take your pulse readings:

  • radial pulse: 3 positions on both the left and the right wrists at different depths
  • carotid pulse: the pulse at the neck is felt and compared to the radius of the radial pulse on the wrist
  • tongue: we look at the tongue body and the tongue coating. This will indicate different *TCM pathogens and also gives a confirmation of how to interpret the findings of the radial pulse at the wrists.

This information above helps the acupuncturist to determine the best way of treating the patient in order to bring their body into energetic balance.

Using different meridians (rivers of qi/energy) the acupuncturist can select acupuncture points that have an intricate interaction. The points chosen will cause a change in the radial pulse. The change aims to optimally bring about balance to the system and achieve optimal wellness for the patient.

Needle insertion often feels like a rubber band being snapped against the skin. Many times there is nothing felt at all and on rarer occasions, the insertion may hurt. Be sure to let the acupuncturist know if you feel pain at the site of the needle.

Needles are left inserted for 25 minutes in general. This is the amount of time it takes for a complete cycle of energy flow through all the meridians in your system.

Guidelines before hand:

  1. Be sure to eat something, but not so much that you’re stuffed.
  2. Avoid caffeine so you can fully relax.

Guidelines afterward:

  1. Drink plenty of room temperature water. (This will help to continue the movement of qi and blood through your system.)
  2. Take it easy physically. (A good rule of thumb is that if the activity in mind would make you feel tired, then you should put it off for another day.)

This is a general overview of acupuncture. Your acupuncture experience will vary depending on whether you have chosen to receive traditional acupuncture or community style acupuncture . (You can click to read about those!)

Acupuncture is very relaxing in general. Sometimes sensations are felt during treatment like: tingling, itchiness, temperature variances, etc. Sometimes people see colors in their mind’s eye like a lava lamp coming and going. Sometimes people see images in their mind’s eye like in meditation or dreaming.

Acupuncture is good in general for ages 10 and up. Children 8 yrs. and up have been known to visit our clinic. For younger than 8 yrs, we offer other options that are needle free. (These can be found on the scheduling page via our website.) In China, acupressure called Tui Na is used for these early years.

What to expect & scheduling:

Improvements and their lasting effects can vary depending upon the individual and how their unique system tends to respond to acupuncture. A good rule of thumb based on the mass public is to schedule a minimum of once per week sessions. Many people accelerate their healing by scheduling twice a week. In China, for acute problems; one may come each day for 5 days to turn around the acute imbalance.

All availability is shown on our booking server via our website. Click on the type of acupuncture you would like to receive and the availability for that service will appear. Once the appointment time is selected, the system will prompt a request for payment. (Credit cards are run through PayPal or you can use your PayPal account.) HSA can be used… If you run into any hiccups, call the phone number on your HSA card to let them know you’re trying to pay for acupuncture services. (Sometimes they have PayPal blocked because you could be purchasing things unrelated to your health care.)

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