Ok ladies…! If you have had a urinary tract infection in the past, you know how painful life can be. In our culture it’s typical to go to your doctor and get broad spectrum antibiotics prescribed even before your urine labs come back positive or negative for bacterial infection. Symptoms are: blood in the urine (see or smell), frequent urination, and a great deal of pain.

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Interstitial cystitis is an inflammation of the cells of the bladder or the urinary tract. Very similar symptoms minus the blood. Many speculate that IC (interstitial cystitis) results from an overgrowth of a fungus called candida. (Which results from wiping out good bacteria with antibiotics and eating sugars and carbohydrates which fuel the flames of fungus overgrowth in an elevated blood sugar. Thank your doctor and “modern” medicine! 

If I were to get into this dilemma of imbalance, here’s what I would do:

First, rinse the exterior (vulva) with salt water. (How much salt in how much water? Whatever dissolves. Make it a little saltier than your sweat.) You can do this over the toilet. Then, paint plain yogurt on the exterior (vulva). (If you have an infection, it came from the outside.) Set some yogurt aside and dip a tampon in it. Use the tampon as a suppository in your vagina to establish healthy bacteria there.  Use a panty liner if you like to keep your clothes dry.

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I would cut out carbs and sugars today. They are the fuel for inflammation.

Now for the cranberry. I would either drink lots and lots of cranberry juice with as little sugar as possible, or take 8-10 cranberry pills at a time. If an hour and a half later I still have symptoms, I would take it again. Always take with food. These little cranberry pills have some vitamin C as well and that can be tough on the stomach organ without food. If I find myself in a situation where I have to be “on” I would consider whether I needed an over the counter NSAID for pain relief.

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As soon as I could get myself into acupuncture, I would do that. I highly recommend acupuncture to those of you who have a history of suffering with these issues.  Acupuncture will rebalance the energy flow so that this weak link is balanced out. It works!!!

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And lastly bitter melon. Bitter melon is a Chinese vegetable that is in fact bitter. If you find yourself at Jungle Jims or a Chinese market, you often can find bitter melon available. Lightly stir fried, bitter melon will knock out inflammation of the urinary tract in a hurry. It’s absolutely amazing! If you’re in Cincinnati… a couple of authentic Chinese restaurants may be running a bitter melon dish. I like Great Tang in Tylersville and Szechwan Chili in Evendale. Fantastic food. Very authentic.

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So, these are the ways that I would clear up a urinary tract imbalance and infection. It works! And no antibiotics needed. If you have already gone the antibiotics route, please be sure to get some pro-biotics in your system asap and often. You need to re-establish the bacterial colonies that were good for you and wiped out by this toxic medication. Kimchi and fermented sauerkraut carry an excellent array of probiotics. Korean restaurants often will serve a little kimchi before meals. You can also buy a jar at an ethnic grocery. The jars are potent! Let it air out before you consider eating it or you may lose your appetite ; )

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