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Traditional Chinese Medicine includes items like acupuncture and dietary therapy to optimize your health. Schedule your appointment today!


1/6 block of firm (or other density) tofu

add 8-10 oz. water

1 level tsp. matcha powder

1tsp. brown sugar (or honey)

1tsp. roasted, ground, black sesame seeds (great to prepare in advance and store in an airtight container in the fridge)

Benefits: good for perimenopause symptoms, ” menopause, joints, dry cough, blurry vision, constipation.

  • This is great for people with:
    • true heat (red face, feels hot, heat related constipation),
    • false heat/liver yang rising (apex headache, hot flashes),
    • kidney yin deficiency (constipation, dryness, insomnia).
  • Contraindicated for those with:
    • slow metabolism, feels cold, deep pulse, cold related constipation, cold conditions. (TCM speak… if not sure, ask your acupuncturist.)
  • Try it for breakfast, it’s delicious!

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Given that we can’t seem to peel ourselves away from that little computer called a cell phone… “texting thumb” is becoming a common malady.

What is texting thumb? Texting or scrolling with your thumb on your cell phone, (instead of the index finger), moves the thumb repetitively in a way that it was not designed for. Over time, inflammation and pain result.

What is the remedy?… Acupuncture! We’re having tremendous success for texting thumb here at Tiny Needle Acupuncture. Alleviate your pain with acupuncture and adopt healthier habits. Acupuncture allows your body to reestablish balance across your energy grid. Acupuncture brings about pain relief, healing, and optimal wellness. Schedule your appointment online today!

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Tiny Needle Acupuncture is honored to make the Top 5 Acupuncture Practice list in OHIO! Thanks to all our wonderful reviews on Google!!! Reviews certainly help those needing acupuncture to find a safe, caring practice, that delivers results. THANK YOU!

And Tiny Needle humbly states that we are in GOOD company. Our Greater Cincinnati Area has really wonderful acupuncturists. Find one that is convenient for you so that you can feasibly receive REGULAR acupuncture treatments. Regularity is the key!

Good news: the risk for Coronavirus in May of 2022 in the Greater Cincinnati Area has been low!

A new concern noted in our country’s news this week: monkey pox.

(Another good reason to take steady, calm precaution on contractible illness.)

Here are some pertinent details from the World Health Organization. Click for full website page on monkey pox:

Who’s your favorite acupuncture session therapy dog?

Miley is back upon request!

(People are saying: too many plants and not enough Miley.)

Miley hopes to see all of her favorites for a session on Wednesday 5/11/22…

Itchy eyes, nose, and throat; sinus congestion and fatigue are common seasonal reactions in the damp valley of the Greater Cincinnati area. Sometimes seasonal allergens even bring on asthma and difficulty breathing.

There are a number of ways to get ahead of this histamine cascade:

  • detoxing the liver with nettles/milk thistle,
  • keeping the diet clear of cow dairy and sugars (alcohol is a sugar),
  • nasal flushes/rinses,
  • acupuncture: often includes soothing the liver qi and boosting lung qi/ wei qi,
  • over the counter antihistamines (reactive and temporary fix)… (side effects: drowsiness and dehydration),
  • prescription allergy meds (again…side effects: drowsiness, dehydration etc.).

You can find acupuncture here! It’s relaxing and it optimizes your health using your body’s own energy called “Qi”! Appointments can be made and managed online. Questions can be sent to:

Ahh… the crisp air, resolute silence, and glittering snow!

And the push/pull dichotomy of wanting to stay in a warm bed vs. venturing out into a moment of beauty and wonder… If only you had just a bit more information, you may be able to add your scheduled acupuncture therapy into this amazing marvel of a day.

Tiny Needle Acupuncture is normally open with snow…(often unless there is a snow emergency where there is no street parking.) To be sure, you can call 513/400-4170 and listen to the voicemail greeting the day of your appointment. (If we are closed, the greeting will reflect closure.)

Be safe! Driving can be adventurous in the snow, even a bit tricky. If you feel uncomfortable coming out into the snow, don’t hesitate to cancel. (In this instance you can cancel by: voicemail, text, or email.)

Either way, be sure to enjoy your day!

Holiday hours adjusted based on years past:

More evening hours added prior to the holidays and fewer hours are available directly around the holidays. This is to honor the need to get in for treatment with busy schedules (before traveling or preparing for celebrations). Hopefully this serves you well!

Covid masks still required for acupuncture treatment, (vaccinated or not; as recommended by the CDC). Taking the utmost care and precaution is a kindness to others and masks are certainly not an excessive use of caution…

  1. viruses mutate, (it’s their survival mechanism)
  2. it is now common knowledge (vs. at the pandemic onset) how airborne viruses spread from host to host
  3. you can reduce the aerosol of your own exhaust into the air, (provided that your mask covers your nose and mouth)
  4. with the cooler weather and the need to stay warm indoors, the rate of transmission is higher for airborne transmitted viruses (any variant of Covid, flu, colds, etc.)
  5. therefore; as long as you are indoors and breathing, “put a mask on it”

Acupuncture, exercise, sunlight (vitamin D), and certain foods can increase the chemical messengers called neurotransmitters that help with a plethora of physiological functions. “Nearly every function in the human body.”

There is currently no way to test whether your levels of neurotransmitters are healthy or not. Therefore experimentation with supplements is not a recommended route. Much safer would be to first try eating foods that supply the building blocks of neurotransmitters in your system.

Below are two lists to improve neurotransmitters safely in your system. This type of dietary therapy can improve: depression, mental acuity (memory and focus), enhanced sleep, relaxed breathing, relaxed heart rate, circulation, coordination (motor control), pain processing (e.g. fibromyalgia), pancreatic function and insulin regulation, pleasure and reward seeking behavior, stress response, etc.

  • Tryptophan foods: (precursor to serotonin)
    • salmon
    • chicken
    • turkey
    • eggs
    • spinach
    • seeds
    • milk products
    • soy products
    • nuts
    • bananas
    • chickpeas, kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans
    • leafy greens (seem to be on every list!)
      • kale became trendy years ago… but there are other varieties: collard, mustard greens (spicy!), swiss chard, turnip…
    • green tea
    • tuna, mackerel
    • fermented foods: kefir (dairy), yogurt (dairy), tofu (soy)
  • Dopamine foods:
    • almonds
    • avocados
    • bananas
    • beef
    • chicken
    • eggs
    • omega 3 foods
    • vitamin D promotes dopamine
    • magnesium promotes dopamine
    • turmeric
    • green tea
    • tryptophan foods (list above) also increases dopamine