I often get asked about Miley our therapy dog. Miley worked at Tiny Needle Acupuncture as a therapy dog up until Covid in March of 2020. She was the best girl!

Our girl passed away on Thursday 12/22/22. We are grief stricken, but we were blessed with a beautiful long life for Miley…. she lived until age 13 and a half! Miley had some finicky eating in her last month and hiked up until her last 2 days. We weren’t sure what was wrong with her, but it wasn’t altogether holding her back. Finally, she had some labored breathing and was put down with a tumor somewhere bleeding into her abdomen. Kristin got to say goodbye to our dear Miley and we’re attaching some fun photos taken throughout 2022. Miley will live on in our hearts!!! Thanks for being a part of our journey Miley!