Acupuncture is “Holistic Medicine”.

You hear the term “holistic” in a lot of areas these days. It seems to be the catch phrase.

In its broadest sense, holistic refers to the outer universe as the macrocosm and us as individuals in terms of the relative microcosm. It is all encompassing. We also frequently use the term to define what is involved at the individual level: body, mind, and spirit.

How does acupuncture address your: body, mind, and spirit?

Well, I have several ways to explain this:

  • Through the quiet relaxation, the client becomes open and receptive to connection with source.
  • The energetic “weather” (imagine our forecast and its fluctuations) of body, mind, and spirit states of health are intertwined and interactive. Therefore, from the client’s perspective: administering acupuncture points that address physical symptoms… becomes a dynamic catalyst for mental, spiritual and emotional growth whether it is realized or not.
  •  Physical imbalances are often a result of: emotions, thoughts, and the lessons involved in our spiritual journey here on earth in this human experience.
  •  Little known fact: acupuncture addresses the emotions… we have acupuncture points on our bodies that relate to each emotion. More discussion in our next blog entry on emotions.
  •  In traditional Chinese acupuncture, we assess how the qi (energy) is flowing through your system and where adjustments need to be made in order to achieve balance or homeostasis. If for example, we feel that your “spleen qi” is deficient, we may ask if you have been overly worried or pensive lately. Which happens first the spleen deficiency or the worry? Only you can discern that by looking back at your life. But each can cause the other and this is just one example.

I believe that our human existence is a learning tool for our soul. The energetic interactions from our body, mind, and spirit form an existence that is unique to the individual and a part of the greater whole of  universal being.

Becoming balanced is a wonderful way to create a stillness of self within the collective existence. It affects everyone that you interact with. This is noticeable when you come into contact with a great spiritual master. They hold their own space in a peaceful and palpable way that transforms us into great peace, love and reverence.  Think: the Catholic Pope, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and the Dalai Lama. Their presence holds the space of great peace.

Now go to the macrocosm of the universe. Can you extend your mind to envision the dynamic change that holding balance and presence of peace can have on the larger picture of existence? I believe this is happening more all the time. We seem to be evolving into a larger state of healthy spiritual consciousness.

For the average person, we may experience this state of peace within ourselves for short increments of time. It is then that we know just what we are striving for. We get ever closer with practice and perseverance. Acupuncture is just another tool that can be used toward becoming balanced and whole within this human existence.

Holistic medicine= body + mind + spirit

Significance in the smallest division to the largest imaginable existence.